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Nick Shea, Sales Director, AdEPTNick Shea, Sales Director
The education sector, without a doubt, is one of the essential cogs in the development and growth of human society. However, it came under severe threat due to the global pandemic, as many schools, teachers and students were understandably not prepared for the sudden need to achieve a quality learning experience amidst lockdowns and social distancing norms. This drove many schools to invest in digital technologies to empower teachers and students to teach and learn remotely. However, implementing and supporting digital technologies is not a ‘walk in the park’; it can involve many tasks such as software implementation, hardware investments and upgrades, IT and network monitoring, to name a few. On the other side, there are still considerable gaps when it comes to digital equity. There are students and teachers that do not have access to the internet and the right devices when away from school, which hinders them from harnessing the online education system’s potential. Some schools can also lack the necessary technical expertise, budget and other resources, making managing the entire process of digital transformation, whilst ensuring that everything runs in harmony, a challenging endeavour. To address these issues in these testing times, schools need a dependable ICT partner that can provide best-in-breed technological services that will ensure streamlined and effective learning experiences whether in school or working remotely. AdEPT Education has helped hundreds of schools during this time with its digital transformation, cloud migration services, as well as other, managed IT services to deliver a secure, interactive and fruitful academic environment for the students and teachers.

Having a dedicated team with over 30 years of experience supporting ICT in schools, AdEPT is well-positioned to provide all-encompassing and fully managed technological services to schools throughout their digital transformation journey.

The company’s extensive list of offerings also includes providing safeguarding and security services, network design and implementation, classroom audio visual solutions and so on. “Our one-stop-shop services for schools include everything from hardware such as laptops, Chromebooks and the like, to networking tools such as unified communications,” says Nick Shea, the Sales Director of the company.

AdEPT Education is both a Microsoft Gold Partner, and Google Cloud Partner, and can recommend the solution that works best for clients with demonstrations of both platforms. Additionally, with the help of its strong partnership with Google and Microsoft, the company has helped in securing the funding for schools provided by the government to set up digital education platforms for remote learning and teaching during this pandemic. AdEPT is also a strategic partner of London Grid for Learning (LGfL) providing services to over 3,500 schools.

The company’s focus solely lies in making sure that the investments made by the school in obtaining the technologies are utilized to the maximum extent. To that end, AdEPT not only assists its clients in the new deployments but also ensures that the staff are adequately trained to leverage the technology and capitalize on it for an improved learning and teaching environment. Moreover, the company always maintains a dedicated support mechanism. Whenever clients have issues, there is always trained personnel available to assist in rectifying the situation.

AdEPT’s collaboration with a Soho-based primary school stands as a testimony to its abilities in providing all-inclusive technological expertise and services. Due to the global pandemic, the school was in dire need of a well-versed technological service that could assist it in deploying a digital education platform for continued learning of the students. AdEPT, in the past, had already provided multiple ICT services to the client and further assisted in incorporating Google’s G Suite for Education as their online teaching platform. By providing tutorial videos on its usage, teachers and students were easily able to understand the workings of the new platform and utilize it accordingly.

To further augment their services, AdEPT is looking to incorporate into its solutions with advanced remote monitoring technologies that can assist in distance learning. By continuously improving their capabilities, AdEPT will continue to provide unique advantages that educational institutions need to manage distance learning.

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Nick Shea, Sales Director

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