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Top 5 EdTech Consulting/Service Companies in UK - 2019

The technological revolution, primarily driven by third-platform technologies, has had a disruptive influence across all sectors. It has changed the ways businesses across sectors build products and configure their services. One of the areas experiencing the benefits of digital transformation is education, illustrated by the range of innovative software and mobile app development for the education industry on a regular basis. Technology innovation in the education sector is propelled by startups delivering digital solutions that offer the next level of the learning environment to users. Educational technology can help reduce workload, increase efficiencies, engage students and communities, and provide tools to support excellent teaching and raise student attainment.

Technologies such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality (AR/VR/MR), robotics, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are already changing education. AR technology has been utilised in e-learning platforms to promote contextual learning by providing 3D visualisation of several topics like human anatomy. AR/VR technology can deliver a 360-degree view of the human body to help students know more about the digestive, respiratory, circulatory, skeletal, and renal systems. 3D visualisation systems and touch screens are proven to increase student participation by allowing them to explore the complex relationships between different parts of the body, which would not otherwise be possible.

This edition of Education Technology Insights features companies such as AdEPT Education, that is at the forefront of offering agile EdTech services. Education Technology Insights’s editorial board has assessed and shortlisted some of the most prominent organisations in the industry that solve challenges by implementing the current technological trends in the space. Through this special edition, we present to you Top 5 EdTech Consulting/Service Companies in UK 2019.

    Top EdTech Consulting Companies in UK

  • With over three decades of experience in providing services to the education sector, AdEPT Education (formerly Atomwide) is the perfect technology partner for such academic institutions across the UK. The company allows institutions to access digital architecture aligned with their objectives as well as budgets. It provides digital transformation services, communications, a school resource zone, parental engagement tools, and other similar requirements to more than 3000 institutions and maintains a collaborative relationship with its customer base. AdEPT Education believes in setting high standards for IT services delivery

  • Innovative Education Council

    Innovative Education Council

    Innovative Education Council provides innovative education to students, interactive teacher training, and value-added solutions for the school management. The web-based product complements teachers to close the gap in computer science and ICT education at the optimal age for primary school kids. The company works to bring the world-renowned and highly ranked Finnish education for geographies globally, tailored, and fit to purpose to make it meaningful, fun, and relevant. The Innovative Education Advisory Board is set up to consult and guide with the varying perspectives of the respective advisory board members, who are experts in their areas and provide feedback following the defined strategies and agreed objectives

  • Interactive Education

    Interactive Education

    Interactive Education is a leading ICT and AV solutions provider – offering a full 360-degree approach. Founded in 1999, Interactive Education has been supporting schools, colleges and higher education establishments with the latest ICT and classroom technology. Following Government initiatives and the UK National Curriculum, all hardware and software provided is an integral part of today's education system. Working with thousands of schools across the UK, Interactive Education specializes in LED interactive touch screen displays, interactive whiteboards, projectors, digital signage, audience response systems, and classroom visualizers. Interactive Education is dedicated to the promise of having the correct ICT solution for any professional environment

  • ParentMail


    ParentMail connects schools and parents efficiently and reliably using modern technology, making essential communications much simpler for everyone. The company uses the very latest software and cloud-based technology, ensuring unrivaled reliability, speed, security, and effectiveness. ParentMail is the UK’s most trusted affordable and effective parental engagement system. As technology has flourished, so have their system’s capabilities, transforming the lives of teachers and parents. The company is the parental engagement service of choice for over 6,000 schools, nurseries, and children’s clubs across the UK. The company helps schools to communicate with and collect payments from over 4 million parents

  • Soltech IT

    Soltech IT

    Soltech IT provides IT support and solutions to businesses and schools throughout the UK. The company’s continued success in business and education is due to the unique partnership that is formed with each client or school via its team of friendly, dedicated, and experienced technicians. The company's team works together to provide its clients with comprehensive solutions to their organization, or school needs to grow. As an established company, Soltech IT has expertise in business and education to offer services tailored to its client's individual needs, which will, in turn, provide their customers with peace of mind and flexibility